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Use personalized video for donor engagement, fundraisers and to thank patrons with Vintom

Charities and non-profits know that building a personal
connection with audiences is the key to successful fundraising.

Most charities build connections by calling people during the day or through email marketing. The first one can damage your brand perception and the second one only has limited impact.

Personalized video can help you engage your audience and build that emotional connection
in the most direct way possible: by addressing people personally.

We’ve seen first-hand how effective personalized video can be for charities!

We can help you boost donations, reduce churn and build donor loyalty. And we give your
donors a memorable experience in the process.

We can help you boost sales, reduce churn, and improve market share.



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Increase in customer loyalty

Vintom’s technology delivers instant and measurable improvements within weeks to help you
to fundraise more effectively

Take your customers
on a personalized

Lead generation

Use personalized video to send engaging messages about your charity’s work, and encourage people to find out more or to make a recurring donation. This can even be an interactive video to collect the details of new donors.

Thank you

Thank your patrons with a unique personalized video telling them how their money will be used and what a difference it will make. Encourage donors to share their videos on social media to encourage even more donations.

Special fundraisers

Communicate emergency or special fundraisers using personalized videos that grab attention and explain why money is needed in a short and engaging way. Encourage recipients to make a donation to the special campaign.

Donor engagement

Engage your donors by sending a personalized video that explains the work you’ve been doing and the impact you are having. This will boost loyalty and reinforce positive feelings about the impact of donations to your charity.

Year in review

Celebrate key milestones or give an overview of the effectiveness of your campaigns with a review video. This is a great opportunity to build brand loyalty and create a video that people want to share.

Radosław Kozłowski

BNP Paribas
We looked for new solutions that would help us increase the effectiveness of sales but would not be intrusive for our customers. Using Vintom’s solution is our first step to personalizing our offers

John Doe

Insurance company CEO
So your customer has made a claim. Send them a personalized video to explain the next steps and how their claim process will work.


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