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AI hyper personalized video

Empowered by cutting-edge generative AI, Vintom’s service boasts the ability to generate limitless video content on demand.

By accommodating multilingual capabilities, Vintom extends its impact globally, amplifying the effectiveness of hyper-personalized video content.

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Spectacular business results



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What can be personalized?

Unlimited personalization possibilities

You can personalize practically everything in the video. Think of it as a programmable film. You can insert data directly into the film, such as the customer’s name or the amount of their last transaction, and create advanced logic rules that affect the content and appearance of the video.

Iphone layers
Audio in a personalized video


Single words, entire sentences, or even entire sections of the video can be dynamic

Graphics in a personalized video

Visual elements

Captions, graphics, images, animations, charts... Every visual element in the video can be a customizable variable

Actors in the Personalized Video

Actors or AI Avatars

You can use an AI avatar or a recording of a real actor in your project. Their dialogues will dynamically change according to user data

Interactive elements in the personalized video

Interactive video

Users can decide the continuation of the video

Call To Action buttons

You can add links and buttons in the video to redirect users to other websites.

Data collection

You can collect data from users, create forms or surveys.

Platform features

Render icon

Video Generation

- Scalable, capable of generating even millions of personalized videos daily

- Real-time or cost-effective video generation within 24 hours of the request

Delivery icon

Video Delivery

Omni-channel delivery – personalized videos can be distributed via email, SMS, WhatsApp, embedded on client websites, or in mobile apps

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Data transfer for personalization options: Automatically through an API or via CSV or XLSX file upload through the web panel

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Corporate grade Security

- GDPR Compliant
- Ability to display sensitive data without transmitting it to Vintom.
- Data anonymization

Implementation process

Implementation Process of Personalized Video Campaign

The above diagram illustrates how we work on a new project. Stages , are very similar to the process of creating a traditional video in a marketing agency: defining messages, crafting scripts, designing graphic elements, and video production.

Typically, stages , are carried out by the advertising agencies of our clients, with Vintom being responsible for stages , .

If you don’t have an advertising agency, you can also entrust the entire process , , ,  to Vintom.

Stages  and  involve technical work – connecting the produced video with a database and the logic that drives the specific scenario. At the end of this stage, the project of personalized video campaign is ready to launch.

Stage   is the operational phase of the project – personalized videos are generated and sent to customers in a mass and automated manner. The analytical module allows for precise verification of the results.

Pricing and Cost Structure

The project pricing depends on a range of parameters, which differ for each of the 3 main implementation stages. The table below has been created to help you estimate a ballpark figure and understand the cost structure.

If you have even a preliminary concept of how you’d like to use video personalization, please get in touch with us to receive an accurate cost estimate.

Video Creation

Price structure for this part is very similar to any regular marketing project containing a video production. Price depends of the length of the video, number of paths, number of graphics that needs to be designed, expected visual quality etc.

This stage can be done by your agency or by us.

One time cost
Video Setup

Price of this stage depends of complexity of the project- the number of scenario paths, complexity of personalization logic, number of personalized elements, the number of interactive elements.

One time cost
Video Generation

Vintom charges for number of personalized video generated – the more video is generated, the smaller the price per video. There is also a small monthly maintenence fee.

per video